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At Mintii, we believe that true fashion is found in the essentials. The cornerstone of our brand is to select clothes that can be restyled for various occasions, such as daily wear, dinner, brunch, social events, and much more. Our goal is to offer women a unique experience where they can match our staples with their existing wardrobe and create statements of their own while being responsible for their fashion choices.

Embrace the chic: Think Essentials, Dress Luxurious!

  • Mintii.Co is more than a fashion brand—it's a sisterhood that values women empowerment and giving back to the community. In memory of Sasha Weaver's beloved late sister, Laritza Vasquez, renowned for her infectious personality and philanthropic spirit, Mintii pledges dedication to NYC women's mental health programs. By supporting mental health initiatives, Mintii aims to uplift and empower women on their journey of self-discovery.


Personal Style The Journey of discovering one personal style is an adventure every woman deserves to embark on.

Sophistication A sophisticated woman is likely to have a well curated wardrobe and her clothing brings out her inner confidence

Hi there, I’m Sasha Weaver, the founder of Mintii! I have always been obsessed with fashion and the idea of looking your best with the simplest fabrics. Having had my first child as a teenager, I struggled a lot with balancing work and my personal wellbeing. After having my second child and graduating college, I took full control of my life and worked towards a respectable corporate career. But something within me wanted so much more. Growing up in a Dominican community, I was inspired by my parents' hard work and individual success. As a child, I loved painting and drawing cartoon characters. Many years later, having toiled as a teen mom, going through divorce, and fighting for corporate success, I finally found my escape in FASHION. And so I founded Mintii, not just to inspire women to chase success but to prioritize self-care, to dress up elegantly, and to go out in grand style!

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace!

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